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Inspiration Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

I am beyond excited to bring to you my first FREE crochet pattern, the Inspiration Scarf!

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Bailey of Hooked on Tilly for the opportunity of being a ‘guest designer’ on her blog! I am the first designer in her guest series. If you would like to apply to be a guest designer on her blog, you can apply here. While you’re there, take a look at all of the amazing patterns she has on her blog!

When I initially applied to be on Bailey’s blog, I had a different design in mind. For some reason, as I was making the sample, something didn’t feel right and I got a bit frustrated. Maybe it was the yarn and colour choice. I’m not sure. It felt a bit flat and I couldn’t put out something that I wasn’t happy with!

The next morning I woke up and put on the Creative Day at Work playlist on Spotify. My mood lifted and music always gets my creativity flowing. I know I’m not the only one out there that is inspired by music!

I asked my daughter to pick out five colours from left over yarn, any colours, they didn’t have to match or work together. She picked THE most clashing colours possible but I think that added to the fun! 

I got out my hook and let it do the talking. The colour changes and stitch patterns seemed to choose themselves and within an hour, I had a small sample and a written draft patttern. All I needed was a bit of inspiration and colour was the way to go!

Now that I had my clashing colours mini sample, it was time to choose the colours for the final version. There were so many possibilities and I flip-flopped backwards and forwards between options. In the end I headed to Pinterest and selected some colour schemes that I liked. I was looking for warm but colourful and settled on this one:

After that, I went online to the yarn shop I had chosen and used the picture from Pinterest as a reference when choosing my colours. With some tweaking of the colours, I had my yarn ready to go!

Now, the best part…making the sample! This was such a fun project to make. The colour changes and different stitches kept it interesting and it worked up FAST!

For years, at the beginning of multiple-colour projects, I have always vowed to weave in the ends as I go along and not leave them all until the end but…it never happened! I always get too into the project and don’t want to stop for weaving in ends. Who can relate?!

For the first time ever, with this project, I was my future friend and wove in my ends at the end of every other pattern repeat! I know right?! It made such a difference to reach the end and only have a few ends left to deal with. 

Blocking is key to this design. I steam blocked this scarf. I have always wet blocked my pieces but due to it being acrylic yarn, I steam blocked this sample. I am converted…steam blocking is amazing and so much quicker than wet blocking! Not only did it allow me to achieve lovely straight edges on the scarf, but it gave the yarn a beautiful softness and drape. The yarn feels so comfortable against the skin which I have never felt with acrylic yarn before!

To finish the scarf off perfectly, I HAD to add a fringe. There is something about scarves with fringes that I love. I tried out a few different colour options and finally settled on a multi-coloured fringe, using the four main contrast colours from the chosen palette. 

The Inspiration Scarf pattern can be made in any of your favourite colours. It can be made with or without the fringe. Decisions, decisions!

Now…the bit I know you’re here for…

The Pattern

  • You can find the FREE pattern over on Bailey’s blog here:
  • If you would like to purchase the ad free PDF pattern which contains full written instructions, pictures and a progress tracker. It is available on the following websites:
  • Add the pattern to your Ravelry favourites HERE

Don’t forget, you can share your WIP photographs and finished scarves with me over on Instagram using the hashtags #Lalele_Designs and #InspirationScarf. I can’t wait to see what you create!

The name Hannah in a handwritten script font. There is a green hear to the left of the word Hannah

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